Tepebasi Municipality holds an international symposium each year under the name of “International Terra Cotta Symposium”, which is organized to keep the terra cotta tradition alive in the city of Eskişehir.

Before foundation of Turkish Republic, the tile and brick were imported from abroad to establish import substitution policy; Eskisehir was chosen to establish first tile and brick factories to provide the supply of the country.

The city was chosen due to the fact that its resources of terra cotta and traditional terra cotta production. Today, to keep this tradition alive, we organize series of events during the International Terra Cotta Symposium.

The first one is the artistic dimension; every year 5 National and 5 International artists are welcomed to our city and they are expected to create an artistic sculpture that is going to be exhibited in outdoor areas of the city in 16 days. Approximately 50-60 assistant students from fine arts faculties from different universities of Turkey are helping these artists to curve, form and bake the terra cotta sculptures.

The second part of the events are social events; there are exhibitions, concerts and contests that are held every day.

The last one are scientific events; scholars (national and international) present their proceedings in 2 days and these proceedings are gathered in a book in order to be used for scientific and industrial resources/purposes.